There are many Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Illinois and all the other states in America. I have heard that the breed has become increasingly popular since its introduction at the turn of the century.  More and more people are now wanting to have their own Teddy Bear puppies.  In reality however, this Teddy Bear breed is not actually a breed by itself, or at least not yet.

Teddy Bear Puppies And Their Origins

Teddy Bear puppies obviously got their name from the way they look and how they resemble small, cute and cuddly teddy bears. If you knew the right term for these dogs however, you would sooner or later find out that this type of dog actually comes from the cross-breeding of the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frische. These two breeds combined brings forth what is known as the Shichon or the Zuchon, a breed that is both small in stature and a desirable companion.

The Designer Breed

Fans of small or toy dogs will know how cute and lovable the Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frische are. From a height that barely reaches your shins, to the soft fur, and the small button nose and the big round eyes, no one can resist either of these breeds. They have become the perfect choice for those who live in the city because of their small size, and even more so because of their good temperament. These types of dogs are certainly the ones which you can feel secure about walking in public areas. They do not cause any harm to other people or pets, and they can be so quiet that you would find yourself to be the one speaking to them. It is because of this combination of personalities that the Zuchon or the Teddy Bear dog itself has become a popular designer or accessory dog that can be taken out for long walks in the park or around the city.

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Quality Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale In Illinois

Although the breed is becoming extremely popular, it does not mean that all sellers who claim to be offering them are offering the genuine types. Some breeders try to pass off other mixed breeds as these Teddy Bear dogs because the latter can cost as much as a thousand dollars.  A little background checking would not hurt to ensure that you are getting a genuine breed.

Selecting Teddy Bear Puppies For Sale In Illinois

Teddy Bear PuppiesWhenever selecting the puppies I consider for myself and for my friends, I always make it a point to check that all their papers are in order. As a further assurance, I always ask to see the parents of the pup as well. Those who are not able to complete their papers or those who are not even sure about where the sire of their dogs came from are what I would consider to be dubious options.  It is also my rule of thumb to always check the puppy itself. Whether you are looking at Teddy Bear puppies for sale in Illinois or are selecting pups from the shelter, always make sure that you know what you are looking for so that you do not end up getting disappointed.

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