Teddy bear puppies are cute and friendly designer breeds. They are not purebred. They are actually a cross breed (mix breed) from shih Tzu and Bichon Frise dogs. They are the most popular and wanted puppies in the United States. They are also sometimes called as Shih-Shons pups as well.

What Is So Good About Them?

They are the cutest, most affectionate, friendly and intelligent companion puppies you can find. They love to be loved, cuddle and are always eager to please their owners thus, making them best for training.

How To Train Your Teddy Bear Puppies?

These puppies are small with long to medium hairs exactly like a teddy bear. They are well-groomed, smart and obedient breeds. Training them is not as difficult as they are obedient and like to make you happy and delight. All you need are some special, right training methods along with traditional puppy training methods. It will train your pups very well over its young and grown-up years.

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Instructions To Follow-

  • Start early- It is always good to train your teddy bears as early as possible, soon you got them home. Early training like training him to have his own food and water bowls, sleeping in the crate, own living areas and potty areas will allow your puppy to be familiar with the things and help him to recognized where to sleep, have meals and do pee and poop.
  • Be patience- Training your teddy bear pups aren’t so hard. They can be trained easily. But house- breaking may require some patience and time. But don’t worry, they are clever and will please you sooner.
  • Reward your teddy bear! Reward your puppy or give him treat for being obedient. Feeding treats or praising your pups for learning some new tricks or listening to your commands wholeheartedly by calling his name gently or patting on his head will encourage them to more. Never punish or yell at your teddy bears for being disobedient.

How To Train Your Teddy Bear Puppies?You should praise your pups immediately and regularly with treats and words right after they completes their task. Teddy bear puppies will not be able to connect your treat and praise with the assignment unless it is followed immediately. Have the treats ready on hand to feed them as soon as the task is done.

  • Concentrate on desired behavior- Repeat any desirable behavior more frequently rather than undesirable ones. Practice them as much as possible to learn the desirable behaviors until they have kept the skills in mind.
  • Use body gestures- Little teddy bears can connect better when they are trained with sound and sight gestures. Using body gestures like pointing down when saying sit down will help your pup to connect better visually to the command.
  • Potty training- Training pads can be used to potty train your puppies. Pad training goes well with them. Keeping the pads in a particular area of the house near to the door will allow your puppy to be familiar. Take your teddy bears regularly to the same spot for doing potty. This will make your puppy familiar with the spot where he should pee or poop.